Welcome to Pahvee Records and Entertainment!



Pahvee Records, founded by Chief Victor Chukwudifu Nwosu, Omenamkpado 1 of Obosi, emerged onto the music scene in the early months of 2021 with a resolute mission. As a visionary leader and a Lawyer who has practiced Law for over twenty years in the UK, Chief Nwosu aimed to propel Nigerian music into the international spotlight and foster healthy competition on a global scale.


At Pahvee, our primary objective is to catalyze and sustain the music industry, providing a platform for Nigerian youths to unlock their artistic potential. We are committed to assisting aspiring talents in realizing their dreams as musicians and entertainers.
We have a philanthropic element and would also consider financial assistance to youths who are in the industry with the most exceptional compassionate circumstances.

Our musical repertoire at Pahvee Records is a harmonious blend of diverse genres, encompassing Afro, jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, R&B, and cultural music. Embracing the rich tapestry of Nigerian heritage, we encourage youths to express themselves not only in English but also through indigenous songs, raps, and freestyles.
What sets our music apart is the unique fusion of beats that creates a distinctive sonic identity. Pahvee Records prides itself on producing music that stands out in the industry.

We eagerly embrace opportunities for live shows, collaborations with top artists, and other ventures that contribute to the growth and recognition of Nigerian music both nationally and internationally. Pahvee Records is more than a record label; it is a catalyst for musical innovation and a platform for the next generation of Nigerian talent.


Victoria Ndidiamaka Ihenacho

Label Manager/A&R

Chief Victor Chukwudifu Nwosu

Label Boss

Odufayo Solomon

PR / Social Media Strategist

Bello Temitope

Music Producer/ Mixing & mastering engineer

Charles Emmanuel Imoh

Recording Engineer / Assistant Producer

Adimchiobi Okechukwu Ezekiel a.k.a Saucey

Recording Engineer / Assistant Producer

Adekanbi Muritala a.k.a EMAR

Social Media Handler