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“Exciting News! πŸš€ Big E has been making waves since 2023 with the release of his EP, ‘God’s Grace,’ featuring 4 incredible tracks:

1. ‘God’s Grace’ ft Schulboi
2. ‘Parkia’ ft Blunt, Sticker
3. ‘Sometimes’ ft Terry Akpala
4. ‘Pahvee’

But that’s not all – Big E has a new set of bangers on the horizon! Stay tuned for the release of his upcoming album. You won’t want to miss it. Keep those eyes peeled and ears ready for the next musical masterpiece. 🎢 #BigE #GodsGraceEP #NewMusic”

Big E Album

“New Releases Alert! 🎢 Dcees is taking over with his EP ‘Power House,’ featuring a lineup of explosive tracks:

1. ‘Harry Kane’
2. ‘Disco Dancer’
3. ‘Money Mind’
4. ‘Na Lie’
5. ‘Red Drone’ ft Big E

This EP is a powerhouse of sound! πŸ”₯ Dive into the groove and stream them all on Apple Music, Audiomack, YouTube, Spotify, and more. Your playlist just got a major upgrade! πŸš€ #Dcees #PowerHouseEP #NewMusic #StreamNow”

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